2020 was a year where the working day for most people was affected in some way or another. Many are now working from home, even if only partially and businesses are looking at how to balance some employees working at home and some working in the office. The phrase that has been allocated to this is blended working. 

Fluid AV are aware that this means employers have now to facilitate staff returning to work and maintaining social distancing in a safe environment. Desk allocation and room booking has become more difficult and has shown to be a bigger job than ever before for business owners.  

At Fluid Audio Visual, we have the solution. GoBright room and desk booking solutions can be deployed in various ways and across small businesses to large multinational companies. With a range of options to suit different business models and methods of booking, there is something to suit most businesses. 

What is Go Bright?

GoBright provides a hardware and software solution that allows staff to book rooms or desks through lots of different methods. This solution can help make the best use of your existing office space, by providing cost savings and more efficient use of time. Gobright allows you to book in advance or when you’ve arrived at the office. The GoBright system allows you to book via GoBright connect, floor and room mapping, android and IOS app and online portal via a web browser.  

A day at the office with GoBright allows you to find where your colleagues are, see availability of desks, book a work desk or a meeting room. With clear desk policies in place, it even offers the ability to book a locker. GoBright pride themselves on their ease of use, flexibility and integrated covid safety measures, including social distancing measures and occupancy management.

Fluid AV Belfast’s work with GoBright

Fluid AV has built a reputation for quality, superb solution design, customer focused approach and workmanship. We utilize the features and flexibility of GoBright by integrating software only or combining it with hardware to increase the efficiency of the workplace, reduce costs, down-time and manage your capacity while providing an easy to use system for staff. Why do we partner with GoBright ? We always provide solutions that offer tangible benefits and are easy to use, so thanks to it’s unique features and user friendly platforms, we are happy to recommend and supply the Gobright room and desk management system. Interested in knowing more or would like an on-line demo ? Get in touch with us for more information.

For more information on Fluid AV Belfast’s work take a look at our case studies on our website.

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