Conference System

These bespoke systems have lots of uses from small organizations to multinational corporate giants. Designed to offer the ability to hold a meeting for a number of people and provide the ability for each person to speak in an organized way. 

Sometimes confused with video conferencing systems, these bespoke systems have lots of uses from small organisations to multinational corporate giants. Their primary application is to hold a meeting and have individual discussions. The system gives the chairperson the ability to manage the room and who is going to speak next. In addition to this, users have the option to vote, change language, request to speak, view shared content and browse the internet if required. Each user has their own discussion device on their desk and each device is connected back to a central control unit.  

These systems can be deployed in a medium sized meeting room to a vast array of participants. 

An example of this type of system is used in the European parliament. 

The most popular conference system we could fit at the moment would be from Bosch, however, we can supply other systems from the likes of Shure. 

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An example of one of these systems is the Bosch Dicentis System. Wireless desk module with touchscreen that can be configured to allow each person to speak, vote, login using an NFC card and much more. 

This system is one of the most versatile & flexible around.