There are a wide selection of visual displays available and are made with a variety of features, for a variety of locations and uses. The good news is that you are in the right place as we cover all the bases.  

The most popular type of display that we provide is a large format commercial display. These displays combine high quality performance with high quality reliability and unlike consumer TV’s, these displays are designed to operate a high number of hours per day, 7 days per week and are covered by a commercial warranty. Consumer TV’s are not designed for use in a commercial environment and the warranty is void when used commercially.  

So if you are looking for a large display here are a few pointers :   

Large format display

Large format display screens could be anywhere from 43” – 98” and used mainly is offices. These are suitable for meeting spaces, board rooms and corporate scenarios. Can be mounted in a variety of ways and are designed for commercial use, unlike a consumer TV.


More suited to darker rooms and requires a large screen to display onto (usually wall mounted). One of the largest in the world is 22,000 square feet. An example of where lots of projectors are used is at the Olympics.  

Video Wall

This can be made up of a number of large format display screens and can be found sometimes in school reception areas where projection doesn’t work and can suit a wider range of budgerts were an LED wall would be too expensive.  

LED wall

We’ve supplied this type of video wall in a large corporate IT company and one for Belfast Metropolitan college. These vary in size but as an example can be 5m x 3m. They are made up of small panels that are all connected together so can be customised to fit a certain space. 

Interactive Touch Screen

One of the fastest growing technologies in displays. Used hugely in education and the IT sector, these screens offer a new way to teach, present & collaborate with internal staff and external customers. Gone are the separate keyboards and mice, in comes a screen that operates like a mobile phone or ipad. 

Below is some additional information of the types of displays that we can supply.

Large Format Display

This term covers any large screen commercial display that is designed for business use. In the majority of cases, these display screens do not have a TV tuner so are not classed as a TV. They have a dedicated commercial warranty and therefore are covered under warranty for use in a commercial environment. Some people make the mistake of buying consumer screens to be used in a business environment, however, these are not designed for the same run-time and the warranty is not covered if the screen fails. The screen sizes range from 43” to 98” and do not provide a touch function (see Interactive Touchscreens).  

Why use this type of screen ? 

The main reason to use this type of screen is to improve productivity and these are generally used in the likes of a board room, meeting room, huddle room, sales office, call center or CEO office.  Most commercial screens are designed to work a minimum of 16 hours per day, 7 days a week. These screens can be used for digital signage, but we would recommend using a screen designed for this purpose.  


Thanks to the rise of larger screens and LED walls, projection is becoming less popular, however, it still has its place depending on application. We would use projection in the likes of attractions, museums, education and anywhere that requires a large screen. We have installed projection as a single solution or in conjunction with other equipment to provide interactive solutions. 

First, there are a lot of specs and choices to make when it comes to projectors: lumens (how bright), laser or lamp-based, DLP or LCD, 1080 or 4K, short-throw, zoom lenses, projection size… there’s a lot. But basically, we take care of all that and ensure that the right projector is used for the space.

Example of these include :   

Short throw – Short throw projectors are designed to bring the projector closer to the screen. This allows the presenter to stand right in front of the screen without casting a shadow on the presentation content. This makes short throw projectors ideal for interactive applications in education and for presentations in smaller meeting rooms 

Large venue projectors – Typically used in lecture theaters, education assembly halls, museums, hotels, conference facilities. With some of the lightest, brightest, most technologically advanced and reliable large-venue video projectors, we give you the freedom to push creative boundaries. We also provide the confidence your projector won’t let you – or your bold ideas – down. 

We recommend NEC, Panasonic and Epson projectors and a wide range are available for a variety of various uses.

Panasonic are a partner for the Olympics and provide a lot of the projection for the Olympic games. Check out this cool video to show what’s possible when projection is combined with excellent content : 


Video Wall

A video wall is a special multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple large monitors, video projectors, or large format displays tiled together contiuously or overlapped in order to form one large screen. This is the more affordable way of generating a large screen made up of multiple screens and provides great flexibility. For higher quality performance, superb flexibility and life-span, check out LED walls.  

As technology improves, display technology improvements it tends to be what most people notice first. Some of the really cool displays produced recently are testament to that.  

Check out this videoAnd, this is in a foyer of a private company! 

Interactive Touch Screen

One of the fastest growing categories in audio visual is the change from the everyday screens to interactive touch screens. These provide features such as whiteboard, integrated computer, wireless presentation, web browser, annotation tools, extended warranty, 4K resolution, collaboration with teams and zoom certification and lots more. One of the most popular features is the fact that you can simply put a presentation onto the screen and swipe left or right on the screen to move the presentation forward or backwards. Think of it as the Tinder for Audio Visual ! 

Fluid AV specialise in Interactive touch screens for Education that provide dedicated applications and tools for teachers and feature a full 5 year for education. This is an on-site warranty.

We supply various different brands of touchscreens and we are brand agnostic.  We will supply the one that is best suited for you that fits into your budget. 

Brands that we can supply are : NEC, Panasonic, Smart, Promethean, Newline, Avocor and others. 

For an un-biased opinion, to discuss what’s right for you and the best value Interactive touch screens in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, call us today !

LED Wall

LED walls are starting to become the go-to option for super sized display walls. These LED panels bolt together and are custom designed to fit the space available. They offer a bright, detailed image and one that can be up to a surface area of 7,500m2. To put this into some sort of perspective, this is larger than a football pitch. The image can then be displayed as one image across this area.  

Touch versions of these walls are becoming available.

We have installed a number of these LED walls including Facebook and Belfast MET. We can supply various brands available such as Absen, DigitLED, Samsung, NEC etc. Fluid AV are the go-to LED wall specialists in Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland.