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IPTV is quite simply, television broadcasts sent over network or structured cabling. This is generally used in businesses that require TV channels to multiple rooms or possibly are unable to get a TV signal. IPTV provides access to all channels, only permitted channels or sometimes only a single channel.  

Using AV over IP introduces a simple way for organisations to deliver rich and varied content to multiple locations, overcoming the distance limitations associated with traditional AV distribution. Your content travels as far as your network reaches. 

Ever stayed in a hotel and wondered why you only get certain channels ? This can be because the hotel only want you to have access to those channels and they are likely to be sent over IPTV. Popularly used in hotel environments, stadiums and larger corporate environments.  

AV over IP provides low-latency over distance making it ideal for large-scale deployments of digital signage also.  

Commonly found in university settings, IPTV solutions enable the flexible content distribution needed to support active learning, live streaming and the ability to adapt teaching spaces to suit timetabling, class sizes, and overflow into additional learning areas. 

Eg : We used an Exterity Stream Encoder connected to multiple signage displays. This has a central or local control function to determine which content does to each screen. Pick your content to send and decide where you want it to go. Simple, effective and versatile.  

With AV over IP, your IT teams can manage their AV network with familiar switching technology and not worry about costly port expansions when growth occurs. 

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