Digital Signage

Want to catch your customers attention ? Digital signage is the ideal solution. Providing static content or video content, they can be used to create a connection with the viewer.

Our solutions for digital signage do vary a lot in shape, size, location, usage etc. We have provided solutions for government departments, transportation , retail outlets, museums, public spaces, banks, hospitality, corporate companies and the list goes on. We can provide screens of all sizes and types with or without a dedicated digital media player. 

Why go for this type of display ? 

Generally used to promote something or advertise something, these screens could be considered as displays that boost sales or for enhanced marketing. These screens can be wall mounted or dropped from a ceiling mount or can be integrated into a floor stand or kiosk, so there are lots of different possibilities. They can also be mounted in either portrait or landscape. 

Depending on the requirement, we use a variety of brands such as Panasonic, Iiyama, NEC, LG, Samsung and others. 

Some of the dedicated signage screens do offer some built-in signage features which can tick the boxes, but there some are some limitations to these features. We can also recommend a dedicated media player which provides additional features and functionality.  

The types of dedicated media player that we would suggest would be from brands such as Brightsign, Signage LiveOnelan etc 

 We are not content creators but if you have content and need help creating touch screen content for these players or any assistance in getting the content loaded, we are here to help.