The corporate sector is where we would have the majority of our existing customer base and have the widest range of solutions to suit various business models. This sector relies heavily on having good communication systems with both internal and external customers and businesses rely heavily on the equipment and solutions we supply. Got a tired and out-dated board room system that doesn’t provide what you need ?  

We can help transform that tired board room and combine the latest technology to not only make things easier, smoother and more efficient, but we can also improve the impression your customers have of you by making the exterior communications more professional.  

Need audio visual technology to improve productivity but aren’t sure how to get there ? 

It’s always good to know what you need and what you want. We are happy to provide advice to any company on what is possible as knowing what can and can’t be achieved allows for a much more educated decision to be made.  We are only a phone call or email away.

Business sectors supplied:

Software Development, IT, Banking, Cyber Security, Whiskey production, Mineral production and so on…

We provide the full package:

Consultation, Design, Project Management, Installation, Programming, commissioning and maintenance.  

Please see the range of solutions that we can supply within this sector below : 


Wireless Presentation System




Video Conferencing

Digital Signage

Sound Masking

Town Hall Meeting


Room / Desk Booking

Control Systems

Lighting Control

Control Rooms

Breakout Spaces

Conference System


Event Spaces

Huddle Room

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