Ever been in an airport, in a bus terminal, on a railway platform ? What will you commonly see ? Display screens with information, advertising and someone telling you that your flight has just boarded ! There have been some studies done regarding audio usage in railway stations and how to use this to combat the noise of the trains. Just one example of how a cleverly designed audio system can make a difference to the transport sector. 

Signage is also key for controlling traffic flow and efficiently relaying information to travelers. Not only does the signage need to be prevalent, but also able to instantly react to up-to-the-minute information changes on transportation delays, cancellations, gate information or security regulations. 

Fluid AV continues to build on its leadership in the transportation industry, with digital display solutions that provide the total package of web-based software and seamless large screen LCDs to fit in any transportation environment, whether it be concourses, baggage claims, check-in counters or kiosks. We have also provided audio and video solutions to the largest transport company in Northern Ireland.  

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