Large Format Display

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This term covers any large screen commercial display that is designed for business use. In the majority of cases, these display screens do not have a TV tuner so are not classed as a TV. They have a dedicated commercial warranty and therefore are covered under warranty for use in a commercial environment. Some people make the mistake of buying consumer screens to be used in a business environment, however, these are not designed for the same run-time and the warranty is not covered if the screen fails. The screen sizes range from 43” to 96” and do not provide a touch function (see Interactive Touchscreens) 

Why use this type of screen ? 

The main reason to use this type of screen is to improve productivity and is generally used in the likes of a board room, meeting room, huddle room, sales office or CEO office.  Most commercial screens are designed to work a minimum of 16 hours per day, 7 days a week. These screens can be used for digital signage, but we would recommend using a screen designed for this purpose.